By Law it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure there is reasonable protection in the workplace to protect the health and safety of the workforce and anyone who may be affected by the business. Part of this responsibility is for the employer to provide training.

Health and safety training gives individuals the knowledge, skills and confidence to be reactive and proactive in identifying and reducing risks in the workplace.  Employers who promote and introduce health and safety training can positively influence peoples’ behaviours and keep people safer. Adopting the disciplines of regular training, helps embed health and safety into the working culture.

Health and Safety Compliance

We carry out health and safety Inspections and Audits to enable your business to satisfy itself that it is implementing a robust health and safety approach, so it is comprehensive, ethical and meets UK legal regulation standards.   An in-depth audit can be very useful when establishing whether your current health and safety management system is working and if employees are observing health and safety practices at work. Audits can cover the whole safety management system or aspects, such as your health and safety documentation, arrangements, legal compliance, risk assessments and overall level of training within the business.