Complaints Policy and Procedure

PR Training Ltd are committed to providing quality training and examination services for all learners and customers and is continuously seeking ways to improve our level of service to candidates and employers. Upon completion of all training programmes, candidates are asked to complete an evaluation form which is continuously monitored to assist us in offering a professional, quality service.

It is recognised that many concerns will be raised informally and can often be dealt with immediately in an amicable and professional way without the need for a formal complaint. Where a formal complaint is felt necessary, PR Training Ltd have established a formal complaints policy and procedure.

Formal Complaints Procedure


The formal procedures are intended to ensure that all complaints are handled fairly, consistently and wherever possible resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction.

Students, general public and external agencies. (Complainants may prefer matters to be raised on their behalf by their chosen representative, for example a friend, parent, guardian – this will need to be confirmed in writing to us).


PR Training Ltd has defined a complaint as ‘any expression of dissatisfaction that requires a response’. This definition will apply consistently across all departments and functional areas. Complaints concerning assessment and accreditation are dealt with through appeals procedures set up with Awarding Bodies. Otherwise, complaints will be dealt with as appropriate under the relevant contract terms/ service level agreements.

Responsibility of PR Training Ltd

PR Training Ltd will acknowledge any formal complaint, relating to all matters for example, Health & Safety, Equality and Diversity, Bullying, Harassment, Dignity at Work amongst others, and aim to respond to the claimant within a stated period of time. We will ensure that we: –

  • treat any complaint reasonably and sensitively
  • take action where appropriate
  • welcome issues being brought to its attention to enable it to improve its services

Responsibility of Complainant

The complainant will be expected to: –

  • bring their complaint to PR Training Ltd as soon as possible and within 2 weeks after the reason for the complaint occurred
  • explain the problem as clearly and as fully as possible, including any action taken to date
  • allow PR Training Ltd reasonable time to deal with the matter
  • recognise that some circumstances may be beyond our control

Responsibility for Action

All staff, managers, senior management and delivery partners.

How to Make a Formal Complaint

Stage 1

Formal complaints should be submitted, in writing to the Director of PR Training. The Complainant can ask us, or another nominee (member of staff, independent), to complete the complaint on their behalf. Complainants will be asked to confirm in writing that this person is acting as their chosen representative. Complainants are advised to keep their own records and any documents which they feel substantiate their complaint. Complainants will be asked to confirm whether or not the issue has been raised previously on an informal basis and if so, with whom.

The Director with responsibility for equal opportunities will be informed of any complaint that appears to contain equal opportunities related matters. They will acknowledge receipt of the complaint and confirm whom they have referred the matter to within 10 working days.

We aim to resolve matters as quickly as possible. However, inevitably some issues will be more complex and therefore may require longer investigating fully. Consequently, timescales given for handling and responding to complaints are indicative.

Stage 2

If the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome of Stage 1, they have the option of informing a Director at PR Training Ltd, stating the reason why they are dissatisfied with the outcome at Stage 1, within 10 working days of receiving written notification of the outcome of Stage 1. The Director (or nominee who will normally be a Director) will respond normally within 10 working days to inform the complainant of the action which will be taken to investigate their complaint. At this stage any new information will be considered. If the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome of Stage 2, they have the option of writing to the Director of PR Training Ltd stating the reason why they are dissatisfied with the outcome at Stage 2, within 10 working days of receiving written notification of the outcome of Stage 2. They will be informed within 10 working days of receipt of their letter of the action to be taken to investigate the complaint. PR Training Ltd may decide to establish a Complaints Panel to consider the complaint. At this stage any new information will be considered.

Stage 3

Following the action taken at Stage 2 (and not before), if the complainant still feels that the matter has not been resolved to their satisfaction, having exhausted PR Training Ltd’ procedure they may wish to refer their complaint to other relevant bodies dependent upon the course/training delivered, nature of incident etc.

Compensation guiding principle

In the event of PR Training Ltd cancelling the training/course, we will endeavour to arrange for training to be rescheduled and where possible at no extra cost.

In the event of any driver training course or part of a course being cancelled due to inclement weather, we will rebook any undelivered training as soon as practicable to do so and at no extra cost. However, if the full complement of training has been delivered but the test (if applicable) is cancelled, if additional training is required this training may have to be paid for.

Failure to attend or complete their course for whatever reason, including but not limited to certified sickness, all course fees will be forfeited.

PR Training Ltd reserve the right to amend course dates without any financial penalty – appropriate notice will be provided.

Where applicable all course bookings are inclusive of test fees however, additional fee for tests outside normal working hours which include weekends will be charged.

Endorsed by the Directors of PR Training Ltd